Vonnegut’s Six Shapes of Story, and How It Can Help Yours

According to Kurt Vonnegut, every story can be lumped into one of six categories. That’s what he postulated in his rejected master’s thesis. Vonnegut maps out the shapes of stories, with equal parts irreverence and perceptive insight, along the “G-I axis” of Good Fortune and Ill Fortune and the “B-E axis” of Beginning and Entropy. […]

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Free Storytelling Course from Pixar

Who doesn’t love love Pixar? If you want to have the same impact as their lovable tales in your own story telling, now you can with their free online course. Pixar and Khan Academy teamed up back in 2015 to offer a free online course in animation called “Pixar in a Box.” Now they are back […]

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Video is the Most Effective Way to Tell Your Story!