Looking for an instant answer to a question?

  • How can an explainer video help me or my business?

    Explainer videos let you summarize the highlights of your product or service in one or two entertaining minutes and your viewer stays attentive throughout the duration. Instead of working through long pages of sales letter, your client understands precisely how you can help them within the shortest time possible. Throw in a little humor, and it might even go viral. Having an explainer video is like having a 24 hour salesperson, everywhere on the planet, who always gets it right.

  • How much will it cost?

    Explainer videos are happening! They are easy to digest and a clever way to present your project to the world. The best part is that they cost less than you might think. Every project is different, but you can estimate that for a standard explainer video it should be less than $2000.

    42Gurus provides its services for a fraction of the bigger studios. In fact, we wholesale our production to front end retailers who mark up the price, so coming directly to us will definitely save you money. The best first step is to contact us and set up a free Skype call, and we can tell you straight away what it will take in terms of time and money.

  • How long should my explainer video be?

    It depends. Who are your clients? What is your message? How and where are you going to distribute the video?

    We all know that the attention span of internet users continues to get shorter. So you have to say everything necessary with as fewer words as possible. If you can accurately deliver the message and call-to-action in 60 seconds, all the better. Like Einstein said, keep it as simple as possible, but not simpler.

    Generally speaking, under 2 minutes is the correctly sized bite for the internet. If you need more than 3 minutes, you might be trying to say too much and should consider multiple videos. We offer discounts on multiple projects.

  • How can I place an order?

    After deciding upon the specifics of the project you would like us to create, we will prepare a quotation for you. Start by submitting the Creative Brief creative brief in order to provide us with more details about your company and project, and the story you want to tell. We’ll respond directly once it’s received and come back as soon as possible with a price an estimated time for delivery.

    A 50% deposit is required on all projects more than $500 USD. Smaller projects must be paid in full for work to begin.

  • Can I speak with someone directly about my video project?

    Of course. The easiest way to communicate is through Skype. Please send us a request for a callback and we will confirm and contact you using your Skype details.

    Send us email to hello@42gurus.com or fill out the Get In Touch section that you can find at the bottom area of the site.

  • When can I expect to get a response after I submit my contact form request?

    We will respond your inquiry in less than 48 hours.

  • How long do you need to create an explainer video?

    It depends on the complexity of the story and its duration. On average you should allow 4-6 weeks from deposit paid to final revision.

  • What kinds of clients do you work with?

    We work with companies of all sizes as well as individuals. We have a special affinity with nonprofit projects, and those we feel aligned with we offer a significant discount of 50%. We’ve worked with one-person startups and major Fortune 500 companies.

  • How large is your team?

    42Gurus is comprised of collective talent from many places around the planet. If you’d like to join our team, please let us know in an email and share your portfolio.

  • Do you partner with other design companies?

    Indeed we do. More heads are better than one! If you offer complimentary services, let’s talk about how we might collaborate.

  • I need an explainer video for my client, can I partner with you?

    Absolutely! We provide white label animation services which you can then resell to their own clients. Our services are completely confidential, they’ll never know it is us.

  • Can you incorporate a live action video into an animation, like a product presentation or an interview?

    Indeed we can. Just supply us the footage you’d like us to incorporate and we’ll get it done!

  • Would you send us source files for the animation?

    Typically we don’t supply source files since it is proprietary and essential to our business. However, if it is absolutely required we can do it for an additional fee. Let’s talk.