Animated Video Creation Process

Often the creative process can feel overwhelming and disorganized. We’ve designed our work flow in a natural, linear movement to be efficient and enjoyable, without any loss of quality! Working together we can blend our own unique expertise experience with your vision to make a great video!

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Start Your Project

Working with freelancers can be frustrating and a complete waste of time. Doing it yourself is even more challenging. We can help you develop a custom animated video in about 4 weeks. Let’s start with a quick Skype chat, but first tell us what you have in mind..

Creative Brief & Script

Start by filling out the creative brief, telling us a little more about you, your business and your project. This will help us craft the script. In our opinion this is the most important step. As they say in Hollywood, “If it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the page.” Sample script


Once the script is approved by you, we can create a storyboard. This is a written or visual outline of your video that helps both of us visualize the final result in advance and minimize revisions once the video is near completion.


Every explainer video includes a voice-over, unless otherwise specified by you. Based on the project and your preferences, we’ll select from our professional voice actors and send voice samples for you to choose from. Occasionally clients choose to record their own voice as they feel it tells a better story. Naturally we are happy to oblige. Once the voice is approved, we can begin animating the video around it.

Video Production

Once the voice-over and storyboard are approved, we begin working on the first draft of your video. When it’s ready, we’ll upload it so you can easily provide comments and suggestions. In general, the animation stage is the most time consuming, so your help to provide rapid feedback ensures that the process moves along without delay.

Approve & Download

After the exciting process of seeing your vision come to life, you’re ready to take ownership. Once you have signed off on the any last revisions, the project is yours to download and use wherever you like!


Video is the Most Effective Way to Tell Your Story!

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