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In Bali, there are beautiful beaches, lush mountains and green rice fields. There are comfortable hotels, and seaside resorts.

Bali is where you come to get away from your own stress. You might never think of illness and poverty when you think of Bali, but we do every day.

We are Solemen, and we dedicate our time and energy to helping the sick, the poor, and the forgotten in Bali. Solemen is a highly trained team of dedicated and compassionate humanitarians devoting their lives each day to helping the disadvantaged.

Bali doesn’t have a social welfare system as you might understand one. We actually have to go looking for those in need, fanning out our teams across the island. The ones who need us most hide in little huts; often ashamed and alone. Or they might not be able to ever go outside. Many can’t walk at all.

We receive calls from desperate families at all hours. The demand is ever increasing. Our effort is ongoing and daily. The need is real. Solemen has been able to help sick innocent children, elderly and in-firmed, people with mental illness, and help mobilize many who have spent years on floors and infrequently moved. Often we must help get the paralyzed villagers off the floors and into wheelchairs.

Whatever challenge we find, we work to overcome it, don’t stop until it’s done, and no two challenges are ever the same. Sometimes it requires a temporary solution until sufficient funding and medical aid or equipment arrives, and that’s where you can help. These unfortunate persons are part of what makes Bali so beautiful, and we intend to serve them as they deserve; with love, respect, and a helping hand.

Please learn more about Solemen’s mission at Join with us in these wonderful things we have been blessed to do for others. The need for your donations is severe; if you can’t help us, we can’t help them. Please click the Donate button and help us change lives.

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