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This is Val.

She’s the owner of a mid-size business with over 250 employees.

Val hired Sue, and Sue’s job is to handle HR.

This includes payroll, benefit administration and all of the massive compliance requirements that go along with servicing the employees, all while protecting the company from legal issues.

250 employees requires a lot of administration and paperwork.

So much paper you can almost hear a tree fall each time the company hires a new employee.

Compliance is very good; legal issues are very bad; hiring lawyers is very, very bad; and a government audit?, well, a root canal is less painful.

Sue focused on what had to be done, but soon found she was drowning and needed more specialized help.

If Sue didn’t get the help required, Val could soon find herself with only 249 employees

Sue needed a team.

She found REAL HR.

REAL-HR IS NOT A Professional employer organization, or PEO.

With a PEO, your employees become the PEO’s employees.

You lose your corporate identity and follow the PEO’s employment policies.

When you decide to come off of a PEO, you have to start over with new tax and worker’s compensation accounts at introductory and higher rates.

REAL-HR is an ASO (Administrative Services Organization).

With REAL-HR, your employees are your employees, and you decide how to run your company.

REAL HR supports you fully with HR/payroll/benefits services, and develops employment policies and practices driven by your preferences, not theirs.

REAL HR worked with sue to incorporate a team of highly skilled professionals with specialists in each human resource discipline.

Sue protected her company and better served her employees.

Sue sleeps like a baby knowing REAL HR is supporting her every step of the way.

And Sue is no longer drowning, in fact Sue is back afloat and swimming…and not in a sea of paperwork.

Val is happy, the employees are happy, and Sue is the new company superstar.

So, Good Bye audits, Arrivederci lawsuits, Sayonara unhappy employees and Bon Voyage to Sue’s antacids and aspirin!

See what REAL HR can do for you.

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