Bali Water Crisis

Bali is on the verge of an environmental catastrophe.
We are pumping the ground water dry, and the aquifers in the coastal areas are in danger of permanently filling with seawater.
This is the result of massive development and tourism.
Tourism uses 65% of Bali’s water, and the number of visitors will double in the next 5 years!
Making matters worse, the land is increasingly covered by concrete, blocking rainfall absorption entirely.
Near the coast, saltwater begins to enter once the water table drops below sea level, which is already happening.
Saltwater intrusion is permanent. This means that Bali will become dependent on expensive and polluting desalination plants.
This is disastrous for the people and the economy.
Agriculture will be the first and hardest hit.
The time to act is now.
Luckily, the solution is simple.
It’s a low tech design – operating perfectly in India for decades.
We just need to refill the aquifers with rain water.
Most homes are designed to direct rainfall into the canals and rivers leading to the ocean, leaving our groundwater supply in danger of drying up.
However, this is easily reversed.
Many homes have abandoned hand-dug wells.
By simply redirecting rainfall from the roof to the well, you are taking an active role in averting this crisis.
You can visit the IDEP website, a local NGO, to learn more about connecting your own system.
As part of the Bali Water protection Program, Yayasan IDEP and University Politeknik Bali will install groundwater recharge wells around the island, especially in the danger zones.
All of this takes money and awareness.
Spread the word and ask officials, hotels and resorts to take action.
Tell them that by being the first to act for Bali’s future, they become heroes.
And finally you can make a contribution by clicking the link in the description after this video.
No amount is too small.
Bali ‘s water problem is our problem, we’re all in this together.

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